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Adjustable Lumbar

Adjustable Lumbar

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- Dynamic Support Back Most spinal problems are caused by the wrong posture. Leland adjustable ergonomic back pad dynamic support back, alleviate the pressure of the spine.
- Adaptive Adjustment Structure Makes The Back More Comfortable According to ergonomics, the back support is designed in a wrap-around style to cater to the natural curvature of the human spine.
- One-key Lift Leb and adjustable ergonomic back support built-in lifting mechanical structure, you can complete the dynamic lifting according to one-key without other tools, after adjustment, both sides are the same height, the sliding groove design is not easy to slide down, making it more comfortable to rely on.

Category: Waist
Product name.: adjustable backrest
Product size: 415x 383x 175mm
Applicable gift-giving occasions: advertising promotion, anniversary celebration
Color: grey
A: Without flannel cover
B: Including flannel cover

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