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Waist Massager Vibration Massage

Waist Massager Vibration Massage

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1. Intelligent pneumatic traction function, overcharge protection, through electronic control of airbag expansion, the long distance is 10cm, to achieve rhythmic extension of the waist up and down, and gradually shape normal and healthy psoas muscle bending;
2. Dynamic traction, lumbar stretching and reciprocating motion can stretch and decompress. Through intelligent dynamic traction and stretching, the lumbar spine will be pushed together instead of a fixed posture to reduce the pressure on the lumbar spine;
3. Intelligent heat induction hot compress, hot compress the stiff lumbar spine, eliminate colds and dampness, relieve back pain and stiffness, and make the waist relaxed and comfortable. Low temperature: 38℃, medium temperature: 42℃, high temperature: 44℃;
4. Intelligent vibration massage design on both sides of the waist, realize rhythmic vibration massage through frequency changes, jitter waist muscles, promote blood circulation, and relieve waist muscle fatigue;
5. Infrared heating technology promotes blood circulation and relieves back pain;
6. Intelligent remote control, simple operation, manual control includes: automatic, heating, rising, falling, vibration, infrared laser, quick shutdown, simple operation, and the elderly can also use it.
7. 15-minute smart timing, lying on the bed, sofa or lying on the bed can achieve waist extension, hot compress and vibration massage, so as to soothe waist muscles;
7. Ergonomic curve design, correct lumbar support;

Material information:
Material: Non-woven fabric
Gear position: 2 gears
Number of massage heads: 4 and below
Massage technique: Tuina
Classification of physiotherapy methods: Infrared
Size Information:

Package Content :
1 *Host
1 *Remote control
1 *Description
1 *Charger (US/UK PLUG)

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