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RelaxSpace Intelligent Massage Chair

RelaxSpace Intelligent Massage Chair

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Introducing our versatile Massage Chair Cushion, designed to provide comprehensive relaxation for your entire body. With a multi-point massage movement type and no rail system, it offers flexibility and comfort.

Crafted from durable PU fabric, this cushion features handheld wire control for easy adjustment. Targeting the head, neck, waist, buttocks, legs, back, and feet, it utilizes vibration, hot compress, and air pressure massage techniques.

Experience a variety of massage techniques including patting, stretching, shiatsu, tapping, and kneading. With infrared physiotherapy classification, it offers additional therapeutic benefits.

Choose from our luxurious S3 champagne gold flagship version or the sleek S3 black flagship version, both featuring LCD large screens, buttocks kneading, U-shaped pillow, and calf heating for the ultimate relaxation experience.

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